Wanderlustluca Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will reviewing the insanely beautiful Wanderlustluca onlyfans page. She is well known cosplayer on patreon and with the downfall of patreon we have seen her move to onlyfans and we will let you guys know what to expect if you do subscribe. You can follow her on instagram here or you can check out her nude tease videos here.

Wander is a very pretty model from the Netherlands and is standing at 6 feet tall! That is really tall for a girl! But god damn this girl pulls it off and she has an amazing smile. From what she says she is in the 0.25% of onlyfans content creators right now. That means she is making a ton of fucking money. As of writing this article she is at 176k followers and will hit 200k any day at the rate of 1k + new followers a day.

You get access to:
A lot of lewd booty, leg and feet pics
Sexy outfit pics
Feet and leg customs
Direct messages (I always reply!)
Pay to view content every once in a while

Right now you can subscribe to her onlyfans for $15 a month and when your payment goes through you will get immediate access too 301 photos and only 5 videos just 5 videos. I know lame right? This is a red flag and should tell you that she will nickel and dime you guys to death for tease videos as she does not get nude.

So is it worth it? Honestly, if you’re a simp for her 100% but the content she posts is mostly just the same as instagram just with more ass pictures *in a thot* and a lot of feet pictures! she has a really long weird toe too so if you’re into feet then I dunno man that toe is a bit weird and she posts A LOT of feet pictures. No nudes and lots of feet pics with a weird toe? not really worth it...4/10