Cynthia Martell Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the instagram model Cynthia Martell onlyfans page and let you guys know if its worth the buy. We subscribed to it so you don’t have to waste your money to find out if its trash or not. If you want to give her a follow on her instagram you can go here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to see her onlyfans nude video leaks you can go here instead.

As of writing this article Cynthia has over 700k + followers. What is crazy to me about her is that she does not advertise her onlyfans page on her instagram like most girls do. She has all this traffic but does not send any from her instagram over to it. Maybe she is trying to keep everything separate. Who knows.

Welcome to my fun playroom where I post all kinds of forbidden content.
This will be the only place I’ll be posting my hottest pictures, videos, & responding to messages

If you want to get access to her onlyfans time line you are looking at $20 a month just to get the basic access. She does get naked though, she is not the bait and switch type of girl the 99.9% of the onlyfans models we see starting a new onlyfans everyday. Once you hand of your credit card or debit card you will get access to a handful of images only 36 right now. You will also get only 47 videos from the second you subscribe. Pretty ass if you ask me and for $20 a month! that’s really nothing and she barely updates. She will also you charge you a hand and leg to rate your little dick. I know my shit is small and digusting looking so I don’t need some model from LA to tell me.

Should you subscribe to her onlyfans? No, not right now. Wait until she builds up a catalog of content and then subscribe. She is just getting started so I cant knock her too hard. All her videos leak like crazy anyway. 7/10

Natalie Roush Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the famous model Natalie Roush. We subscribed to her onlyfans so you don’t have to waste your money if its just a scam. We do it for the bois, we will also let you know what you can expect with content you will see. If you don’t know Natalie Roush you can check out her instagram here or if you don’t give a fuck you can see her naked here.

Natalie is a 25 year old instagram model and she was born April, 5th 1995, she is an Aries and her networth is around 500-600k. Ok who cares let see what her onlyfans is all about. Oh real quick she also has a patreon account but is migrating over to onlyfans, like all the other thots. I guess onlyfans just pays better and you don’t have to make all these little awards to give out when you just want to make money getting naked on the internet.

As of writing this, she is asking for $25 dollars a month to get access for the month! Dude, that is crazy high for an onlyfans, here is the thing though, she also baits and switches on you. You will get tons of messages from her to buy her premium premium content and she will pretend she is getting naked and nude in that content but its all tease stuff. I bought a video where she said she was topless in this “full video”. What did I get? it was her naked in her apartment covering up her pussy and tits with her hands. Frauding like crazy, she is really hot but dude, I want to see you naked and that is what I am paying for.

Right when you sign up you get 76 texts posts that are available. 114 photo’s on her time line that are more just instagram pictures she didn’t post yet. You also get just 31 videos and those videos are just from her patreon that you can find leaked anywhere. I dunno man, its another cash grab from a super hot model who does not care about her fans and just wants to make easy cash. You can pass this one up. 4/10

Momokun Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing Momokun aka Mariah Mallad’s Onlyfans and what she offers and what you will get by subscribing to it. Momokun is known for her twitch streamers but most of all being super thicc and doing extremely lewd cosplay. She is a little bit of a living meme. You can follow her instagram here but if you just want to see her nude leaks you can go here.

This is a quote from about Momokun.

Mariah Mallad, better known by her stage name Momokun, is a cosplayer who frequently costumes as various anime characters. In early July 2018, Mallad was accused of sexual harassment by several people online.

I am in no way a SJW or into any of these retard politics of the day so you can click away if you’re a bitch but the video I saw of her “sexually harassing” someone is so fucking gay. Dude she can sexual harass me with those big ass milkie titties dude any day. I am a cat, ill fuckin scratch that bitch if she gets to rough and fucks up my furr.

Right now she is asking for $12 a month to subscribe to her onlyfans. I subscribed for you so you can come here and see if its worth the buy before you buy. Right off the bat, this chick has 216 posts on her onlyfans timeline but peep this, she has 376 images posted and only 23 VIDEOS!! dude what the fuck man. I need videos, I get she does cosplay but what the fuck man spread some cheek for the bois. That’s another thing everything is just teasing and lewd but like all the other girls like her this is a bait and switch scam to get you to buy her premium videos in the dm’s.

The content you get if you’re into anime and cosplay is fire and you should get it. If you’re like me who gives zero fucks about cartoons then save the money. Unless you love how thicc she is and you need to see her pussy. There is one kinda gross thing about her too, her hygiene fucking sucks. I have see so many videos of her with grown out arm pit hair. Its gross dude and sometimes she gets dressed up to do her cosplay and its all stubble in her arm pits. I dunnod man, shes thicc but eh pass.


Ash.kaashh Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the instagram model and super babe Ash.Kaashh. If you don’t know of this chick check out her onlyfans here and her instagram here. If you want to see her video leaks from her onlyfans go here and search her name. This chick is coming out of no where and is taking over! Her onlyfans is going crazy right now even with the insane price point. Ash has over 400k+ followers on her instagram and is growing 10k + a day!

I just saw a recent onlyfans video of her sucking huge bbc dick like a god damn champion here. This chick has the throat skills of throatzilla or who ever that chick was who sucked a dick with the grape fruit, remember that youtube video? Anyway this chick is bad as fuck but she does have a huge scar on her stomach. If you’re not into scars I guess stay away but got damn that’s just a cum target.

Check out the price tag on her onlyfans though! Dude, $50 fucking dollars. That is crazy, I could feed some little kid in africa for like 9 years on that. I don’t know man this one really hurt the pockets. I did it for the bois though. Right now as it stands she only has 3 photo’s but 26 videos posted on her onlyfans. For that price to be worth it she better be taking it in the ass and getting creampie pie’d and showing those perfect tits off and spreading her pussy. Good news for the boys she shows off that head game like crazy, she is truly gifted with her kawk sucking talents.

Would I suggest buying her onlyfans? No, its way too much for what you get. Yeah she’s mad pretty and fine as fuck but dude you can get way more content than just 26 videos and 3 pictures for $50. You could find a hooker to suck you off for $50, not a very good looking one but decent enough and maybe she does not have any teeth, and you get a gum job. Heard those were amazing.


CinCinBear Onlyfans – Is it Worth It?

We will be reviewing Cincinbear from twitch, onlyfans account to see if its worth the buy and what type of content you get when you do. We subscribe and pay for all the top thots so you don’t have to pay to find out you’ve been bait and switched. If you don’t know who Cin is, you can check out her instagram here and her onlyfans here.

You can see she has changed her name on her instagram to Cinthya_Alicea or whatever but we will still be calling her Cincinbear, ok so who is she? She got kinda famous for being a pretty cute little twitch thot, like most of these twitch thot’s who end up starting an onlyfans, they get the attention from all the little simps and all these donations and they get addicted. They start posting panties pictures or bathing suit pics and see the likes etc.. and get mad addicted to it. They eventually start a patreon for shitty cosplay and bikini pics but its too much worth to send out all the prizes so they hop on to onlyfans. They do the same thing as they did on patreon but now people are paying more and more for nastier shit and sooner or later she’s spreading her ass for $15 video thats in your inbox. This is the tale as old as 2016 and its becoming more and more everyday.

I bought a few videos and stay subscribed to her for about 5 months. It started as just normal tease pictures and stuff that she posted not very offten but eventually she started posting some really good stuff, like pussy teasing and teasing her big fat tits and showing off her cute little ass all the time. She is pretty hot, the skin around her pussy and asshole is kinda dark but whatever id suck a turd out that ass with a straw. The content however was never good enough to keep me subbed any longer. The videos were all major tease and she makes it pretty clear she wont ever do more. However I think that’s a lie. I would have stayed subbed but I gotta buy all these other girls videos for you guys.

I think with in the next 6 months to a year she will be doing very hardcore videos so for the lucky bastard who stays subbed hit us up and send us the video. I suggest subbing to her. 8/10

Jem Wolfie Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

Jem Wolfie, the super thicc australian thot from instagram. Went to the dark side or “thot” side, and made an onlyfans account. Get all of her onlyfans video and gallery leaks here. I am sure anyone who goes to check out this babe and her massive milkies, is always wondering “whats behind the paywall? does she show those massive milkies or what?”. I am here to answer that question for you. I subscribe to these thots so you don’t have too.

As you can see above, I was subscribed to her for six months! That’s a pretty long to simp for some chick for on onlyfans. I had to see if she would ever post actually pussy spread or asshole spreads or something good. Not just boring modeling on the beach pictures. The girl is mad pretty, has a killed body, Huge tits. Super thicc and an Australian accent. She’s thicc but good thicc, she play’s a lot of sports and honestly just looks like she would be fun to kick it with besides wanting to stick your penis everywhere it can go.

So, what do you get by subscribing to Jem Wolfies Onlyfan’s Account? Well you get a ton of modeling pictures where she teases you like crazy. You wont get too much of what you actually want. She will posts a ton of pictures bending over and showing her ass and pussy in a super tight thong. Where you can see her camel toe and sometimes the brown skin from her butt hole but honestly that’s all you will see on her time line. That will cost you $5 for 30 days. Here is the rest of her prices.

Now these prices only you get you through the first paywall and you will get what I have written above. Now the 2nd tier paywall, what do you get? To be honest I did simp and buy 2 videos from her and they were honestly. More of the same. She did however have one with her tits out and jumping around and that was awesome. (its on a couple sites on the main page). I will say though, I couldn’t fap to it. I wanted more. I needed more. After 6 months of waiting I have to cancel. The girl is beautiful but I cant keep paying month after month for just being teased. Apparently she is the number 1 onlyfans creator now but I hope some day before she gets too old and those titties start looking way too long. We will get some pussy play content or something worth handing over that type of money month after month.

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