Jerkmate Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the cam site “Jerkmate“, We have been using Jerkmate for some time and thought it would be time to interview this site and let you guys know what the pro’s and con’s are. I know we usually stick to onlyfans reviews but today we are going to let you know about jerkmate.

Unlike Mfc,chaturbate and the others we all know Jerkmate actually looks like a site not from the 90’s. It runs like a perfect modern updated site with some of the hottest girls in the industry. They have a bunch of the top pornstars, even the new ones that are just coming out ( I have seen a bunch of backroom casting couch on their). Iv seen Katrina Jade and the like on their too.

They also have some of the best branding I have seen. They are trying to be a modern tiktok cam site of sorts, that appeals to everyone and is way easier for the user. Looking at chaturbate makes my head hurt because its so fucking ugly. I don’t even trust it on looks alone for it to take my credit card number. It’s like approaching a junkie in the ally because he has weed and you’re in this weird town but you really just want to get high and chill in your hotel room and so you just buy the weed from him. You should give them a shot and sign up here.

Woealexandra Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be doing a review on one of the original e-thots Woealexandra aka Woesenpai69 aka Ultimatewaifu. This chick has been around for a few years now. She is super thicc and was one of those original gamer girls. She went from patreon to snapchat to onlyfans. If you want to follow her on instagram you can go here or if you just want to see her naked go here.

Alexandra was also known to stream on twitch and show that super fat ass of hers and tease the fuck out of everyone and do the aheago face. However, now she is just selling pussy to the 380k followers she has on instagram. She is from Orlando,Florida and posts a lot of nudes on her twitter @Senpaiwannafu.

I’m a nerdy and horny anime bae subscribe to my fans only for explicit nude content

Right now you can subscribe to her for $10 a month. I subscribed so you guys don’t have to waste your money if its just another onlyfans thot scamming the bois. When we first signed up we got access to onlyfans 29 pictures and a lame ass 69 videos. Here is the thing though, I think she has gotten super thicc lately and is insecure about the weigh gain so she will post the same stupid old tired ass videos from a year or two years ago. Its really lame and you need to avoid this mess until she gets her head right or puts out some legit content. Half of the content you will see is tease too! I don’t think I ever saw her pussy.

Is it worth it? No she’s cute as fuck and super thicc with big milky titties I want to feed on it like a baby kitten but dude, she is just using this for a quick buck and the content is trash. Wait for the leaks. 4/10

Jackson Maddy Belle Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We are reviewing Maddy Belle and Jackson’s Onlyfans page “jacksonmaddy”. Maddy is now dating the instagram “comedy” personality and they have started an onlyfans together. She comes from doing premium snapchat but has now moved full time to onlyfans recently. They make thee corniest instagram videos. It is honestly hard to watch if you try and sit through their “content” god damn its trash but she is hot so that’s why we are all here. The dude she is with is a total manlet too standing at only 5 foot 3. I mean not to be a hater but she is fine as fuck and he has a little dick and so do I so why does he get to smash her and I don’t. I guess its the follower count. Anyway if you want to skip all this shit and just get straight to her nude video leaks go here but if you want to follow her instagram go here.

Between the two they have over 10 million followers on all networks combined. She has been at this game a lot longer and has been selling pussy online for years. She started off doing collabs with other instagram thots like Allison Parker,Rainey James etc… She has now gone away from that and is doing the legit onlyfans videos and getting more into the LA instagram celeb scene.

As of right now they are asking for $10 a month for their onlyfans. As soon as you sign up you get 105 text posts witch is just theme promoting their instagrams and their friends onlyfans. 110 photo’s that is just them covered in food and taking pictures naked together and only 44 videos. They are no different from any other onlyfans page where they will tease you with content on the onlyfans feed but if you want the threesome video and actual porn videos you will have to pay a premium for those. They will get you to pay around $25-$40 depending one each video and what is in them.

Because of their fame online they are using this as a quick buck. I know she does stuff on her own and she puts out amazing content and has been doing anal solo videos and stuff like that. I am not sure you’re going to get much out of these two unless you pay for the big videos and you’re looking at nearly $50 for these videos. Is it worth it? No not right now, not until the hype from their instagram starts to peak and then you will get more risky content plus all of this stuff leaks anyway.


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Megan Barton Hanson Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing the famous instagram model Megan Barton Hanson onlyfans and let you guys know if its worth it or not. Megan is one of the more famous models on instagram with collection over 1.7 million followers and has recently made the move over to onlyfans to show us another side of her. You can check out her instagram here or get all her nude video leaks from her onlyfans here .

Megan is a British model who has been known to date people from the reality show “gordie shore”, was born in London and is 24 years old. Ok we got the basic facts out of the way so lets get into what she is doing on her onlyfans. I don’t want to get dmca’d so I cant show the stuff I have seen from being subscribed to her onlyfans but she does post nudes and some other tease videos and pictures but its not cheap.

So here it is… my official OnlyFans account!
The only place where you can view exclusive content of me doing what I love. Working with great photographers in cute lingerie 

Above is a quote from her onlyfans bio, here is the thing with her, she is a baiter and hustler so if you’re going to subscribe just know she will not be showing nudes on her timeline on onlyfans. Right now as it stands she has 122 posts, 104 images and only 10 videos on her time line, not looking to good is it.

If we look at her prices, god damn they are not cheap. It is $24.99 for the month, that is almost 30 bucks to look at basically just pictures. The pictures are basically all teaser pictures with some good ass pictures and maybe two or three bare tit pictures but do not think you’re going to see any pussy in by paying the monthly fee. She does not stop their she will hit you and bate you with the nudes in her inbox and to get you to pay almost $50 for a nude picture or few second video. You can skip this ones onlyfans.


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Blac Chyna Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It? Or Deleted

I am going to do a review on Blac Chyna’s Onlyfans, However as I am about to type this, I think she deleted her onlyfans. I did subscribe to it and I did get a bunch of videos so I will go ahead and review it anyway. If you want to check out her onlyfans leaks you can go here.

If you don’t know who Blac is, she is just some disgusting gutter rat thot who sucks off rapper and the brother of the Kardashians for fame. She has this weird disgusting body she got from a billion plastic surgeries and I dunno man this bitch is beat. That’s why I put in the work so you don’t have to when reviewing this for the 3 people who want to fuck this chick. I think I paid like $15 for the onlyfans. So what did I get? a bunch of shitty pictures and two tit pics out of like maybe 120 that were posted and they were honestly all trash.

She has about 20 videos of her “working out” showing off this weird alien body she payed. She had not one pussy picture or anything you could fap too. The titty picture looked like when old pepperonis try up from old pizza the next day you know how they get kinda small? Yeah and they looked like they smelled the same. I know I know, I am being way too mean but dude, this shit was a bait and switch and for her to just delete the onlyfans shows what a scammer she is.

Yaela Vonk Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

We will be reviewing the super hot and flexible Yaela Vonk with only 564 thousands instagram. This chick is bad and will become a pretzel while you fuck her. Check out her instagram posts it fucking insane how athletic and flexible she is. I have no idea how old she but she looks around mid 30’s and from her instagram profile she says she is Dutch. Who knows though, these instagram thots could be older than they say.

If you’re into super hot fitness milf types, dude this is the one. She does EVERYTHING! sucks dick, anal,lesbian, deep throat and does all this crazy fitness moves and shit. I dunno too me she is really hot a little too buff for me, I don’t wanna fuck a bitch who can beat my ass lol. I saw this a lot, I know but I would suck a turd out of her butt not like a wet sloppy diarrhea turd a full solid turd. Anyway lets see what we get if we want to subscribe to Yaela’s onlyfans.

Here we go with the ol’ bait and switch, the reason why I do these onlyfans reviews. Looks like a deal right? $8 bucks to see this bitch naked!?!? Sikeeee, that just to get into her feed for the month and then you will have to pay for the longer version of each version of video she releases. She has over 406 posts right now on her onlyfans so 8 bucks is kind of ok you get a bunch of really cool but short videos and tons of photo’s each day. So I cant go to hard on her and I think the 8 dollars is actually worth it. She does get fucked but you wont get the long stuff or blowjob videos without paying the premium price.

Should you buy? Yeah I actually was a little bummed about the short clips but they’re actually really good and she updates very often!


Michele James Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

This is a review of now retired pornstar Michele James. She has now moved on from doing mainstream porn videos and started an onlyfans. You can visit her onlyfans here and her instagram here. Yet if you want her onlyfans video leaks for free go HERE, Just search her name. Michele (spelling is so retarded) has over 70k + followers on her instagram. It’s not much but it’s decent for only being in the scene a year or so.

She had one anal scene with the site “tushy” but other than that everything was pretty vanilla and she does a ton of interracial scene. If you’re into white girls sucking bbc because you’re a cuck then this is the chick for you, however in her personal life she only seems to fuck white dudes. The only down side to Michele is that her tits are crazy sloppy. They are long and have huge blendy nips you know the ones they blend into the skin but her body is nice as fuck (besides the tits) and has a really pretty pussy so she makes up for the shitty titties.

The cool thing about her onlyfans is that its super cheap, compared to all the other well known thots she has a fair priced only fans at $8.50 and check it out she posts real shit on her time line so you will get a couple pictures a week and she will then follow it up with her trying to gape her ass on her onlyfans. I think that’s worth it honestly. She does the 2nd tier paywall where you need to buy the premium premium videos for a premium price but you can always go here for all the free stuff.

Should you buy? eh, if you got the 8 bucks laying around sure why not. If you’re looking for a ton of content to fap to, then no skip it. If you just really like this chick then obviously yeah but you’re not missing out on anything. Its a 5/10

Destiny Skye Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

We will be doing a review of the instagram thot Destiny Skye. She has over 800k + Followers on her instagram and you can check that out here. If you’re into those chicks with huge fake tits and fake asses but hella pretty faces. This is the thicc thot for you. She moved from having a premium snapchat to using onlyfans and is now doing premium content over there full time.

She was recently on the mtv show “wild’n out” and has been spamming that shit all over instagram and the rest of her social media lately however we are here top find out if its worth the buy for her onlyfans. You can check it out here. You will notice once you get there that its “free”. You will be presently surprised and so will your tiny tiny little penis at it being free, I know my tiny little penis was and I’m a cat.

If you take time to read her bio at the top of her onlyfans you will see the circled message above “Custom Videos start at $350“. That is a huge red-flag! The audaciaty of this thot to ask for $350 fucking dollars for a “custom” video. Dude, iv gotten girls to shit in a cracker box for free the first week I got the internet. Anyway, lets scroll down a little bit in h er feed and see what else she offers.

The picture above is basically what the whole feed is, she wants $26 dollars for the 3rd part of a dildo video? I swear you should have been beat up more on the play ground as a child if you think paying that much for just a part of a dildo masturbation video from some chick you will bang. At least on brazzers you get like 50 sites + a billion videos for $49.99 a month. I dunno man, this shit is not worth it. Throw her onlyfans on a black list and kick rocks.


Miss Hannah Nicole Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing the instagram Miss Hannah Nicole onlyfans to let you guys know if its worth the buy or not. If you’re not familiar with Hannah, you can check out her instagram here and her onlyfans here. Hannah has over 1.2 million fans on her instagram and is gaining around 2-5k a day from the stats on her instagram. Dude’s for sure are jerking off to this chick daily if she is gaining numbers like that.

She obviously has that girl next door look and I think thats the whole appeal honestly. She is friends with the whole “thot pack” Allison Parker, Violet Summers etc.. You know the main thot’s. If you cant wait and want to find some leaks right from her onlyfans you can go here ( just search her name). Ok so is the onlyfans worth it? Let’s check it out.

Not be a prude, but dude her prices are crazy cheap! That’s what get you to buy, good marketing from the thot. Basically they charge you to get access to buy their premium videos. She does the exact same thing and will bait and switch you all the time. She does do hardcore content don’t get it twisted. It’s pretty hot too but you will have to pay $25 – $45 bucks to get those videos and sometimes you are pretty disappointed with that is actually shown. She also has those little deflated titties. I used to live around bums and crack heads would always offer to suck my dick walking how at night for like $10 and during the negotiation they would flash me their crack head titties and to be honest they look like hers. However, id suck the dry powder milk out her little titties and not the crack heads.

So, should you buy? No wait for the leaks and find a hotter girl or just don’t simp and wait for the leaks. 2/10

Gracie Waifu Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the twitch streamer and cosplayer Gracie Waifu. Gracie has a huge following on every platform but mostly on her instagram. Across all of her platforms she has around 2.5 – 3 million followers. We are hear to review and let you guys know what you get from subscribing to her onlyfans and if its worth the buy.

I am sure you’re here because you’re sitting there wondering if you should invest the money to jack off to her onlyfans but don’t want to be scammed if their is no nudes. That is a very common concern as these hoe’s are for the most part all scammers. I subscribed to her onlyfans to answer all these questions for you. Gracie at the very bottom of her onlyfans bio and under the wack ass little copyright paragraph she writes this.

I am completely naked (no clothes or nipple stickers) although do not expect to see open vagina or nipples

So that should tell you everything, by putting that at the bottom and hidden in her bio show’s that she needs to make you think she gets nudes so you subscribe and its not cheap to look at tease pictures and videos.

Gracie is asking $15 dollars a month to get access to her feed of onlyfans videos and pictures. While I was subscribed she did post A LOT! usually at least once maybe more. However, the stuff she posted was really short videos, weird trying to twerk videos and a lot of stuff teasing to show her nipples. There is actually a bunch of the leaks here, just search her name. You will see the peak of what she offers there. All and all, this is not worth the price let alone the content you get. Once you are subscribed for a few days you will want to end your subscription. Just wait for the leaks and make sure if you’re going to simp for these thots, that its worth it.