Octokuro Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the big tit cosplay model Octokuro onlyfans page and letting you guys know what to expect if you do decide to subscribe. You can follow Octo’s instagram here or if you just want to see her nude you can go here.

If you are a fan of cosplay you will know how Oct is and if not I am sure you have seen some of her cosplay around. I have to be honest, I am not into cosplay. I am not really into bitches dressed up as spiderman or whatever I just wanna see them naked but obviously there are dudes out there who are waiting to bust a fat nut to a girl with silly string shooting from her wrist.

Hi! I’m Octokuro – geek girl who loves cosplay, art and pizza. What awaits you here?
• Everyday new hot pics and videos
• Cosplay and casual photo
• I unswer all messages and you can chat with me on various topics
• I listen to my fans ideas for future content
Join and enjoy!

Right now you can subscribe to her onlyfans for $15 a month and when you put in your credit card info and it doesn’t decline you get access too 283 photo’s and 104 videos. This is actually not bad, but at $15 bucks a month its a bit steep. A lot of the videos are showing off those huge fat tits, she also plays with her pussy. She has a cute little pussy too. You will gets of content updated all the time, also and she will hit you up to buy premium videos but its very rarely. Is it worth it? Honestly, if you’re into cosplay then this is the one to subscribe too. 8/10