Becky Crocker Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing Becky Crocker’s onlyfans and let you know what you get when you subscribe and what you can expect when you pay the monthly fee. If you don’t know who Becky is you can check out her instagram here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to watch her porn go here.

As of writing this right now the bbc coal burner has over 961 thousands followers on her instagram and is about to hit the big 1 million. This chick is known for being a super thicc white girl and she has a mad cute face.

Squirting, anal, Lesbian, boy/girl and crazy public DARES! ? Access to 100+ clips PLUS weekly nude live show with subscription. Messages are answered daily BY ME! And I can’t wait to hear from you 

You can see what she offers just by her onlyfans bio. She does full cam shows and onlyfans live lesbian pussy eating videos and is always getting fucked in her ass or bating her ass and trying to gape it. Her tits are milky as fuck and god damn she’s thicc dude. the only thing that is a huge turn off for me is that she talks “black”. I fucking hate that shit, just talk normal fuck, stop trying so damn hard to fit in with the guys dicks you’re sucking, makes her sound hella stupid.

When I signed up, it was $10 for the month. The first video was her getting fucked retarded and taking a huge fat creampie on a cruise ship. This was way before the corona shit happened maybe a couple months or so. That should tell you all you need to know about what type of content she is putting out but she does not upload as much as she could and she recycles a lot from when she was just a cam girl.

Is it worth it? yeah.. I know I talked a lot of shit but yeah dude she is hot as fuck. She does use a lot of photoshop on her instagram but she is still mad fine and I want to sniff her butthole.


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Hannah Brooks Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the instagram model and onlyfans thot Hannah Brooks. We subscribed to her onlyfans so you don’t have to waste your money just to find out she hustled you to sell you premium videos behind a second tier paywall. You can visit her onlyfans profile here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to see her nude video leaks go here.

Hannah is from the Uk who does everything you can think of when wanting to subscribe to an onlyfans. Normally I talk a ton of shit on these girls because they’re all shady and want to hustle the bois. This chick pumps out so much content on the daily and does everything…. That’s the thing with these girls there is a happy medium. If you upload too much all your shit leaks everyday so why would I want to buy it when I can watch it everywhere for free.


Right now she is having a sale for only 3.90 for the month. Beware though, she posts the same stuff as she does on her twitter account. Basically all previews and tons of photo’s. You will have to pay for the full video if you want the whole thing. So you’re basically paying to have access to her twitter feed. She also does a billion ads for other girls on her onlyfans timeline.

As soon as you subscribe to her you get access to 3149 text posts on her onlyfans timeline 1677 pictures and 2504. That is enough content to jerk to for the next year or more depending how much you jerk. Is it worth it? No not really, only because this shit leaks everyday. 6/10

Natalie Roush Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the famous model Natalie Roush. We subscribed to her onlyfans so you don’t have to waste your money if its just a scam. We do it for the bois, we will also let you know what you can expect with content you will see. If you don’t know Natalie Roush you can check out her instagram here or if you don’t give a fuck you can see her naked here.

Natalie is a 25 year old instagram model and she was born April, 5th 1995, she is an Aries and her networth is around 500-600k. Ok who cares let see what her onlyfans is all about. Oh real quick she also has a patreon account but is migrating over to onlyfans, like all the other thots. I guess onlyfans just pays better and you don’t have to make all these little awards to give out when you just want to make money getting naked on the internet.

As of writing this, she is asking for $25 dollars a month to get access for the month! Dude, that is crazy high for an onlyfans, here is the thing though, she also baits and switches on you. You will get tons of messages from her to buy her premium premium content and she will pretend she is getting naked and nude in that content but its all tease stuff. I bought a video where she said she was topless in this “full video”. What did I get? it was her naked in her apartment covering up her pussy and tits with her hands. Frauding like crazy, she is really hot but dude, I want to see you naked and that is what I am paying for.

Right when you sign up you get 76 texts posts that are available. 114 photo’s on her time line that are more just instagram pictures she didn’t post yet. You also get just 31 videos and those videos are just from her patreon that you can find leaked anywhere. I dunno man, its another cash grab from a super hot model who does not care about her fans and just wants to make easy cash. You can pass this one up. 4/10

Itslaurendotcom Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing the instagram model Itslaurendotcom onlyfans profile, what you get from subscribing and what you can expect when you do subscribe. If you want to follow her you can go to her instagram here but if you don’t care and just want to see her naked you can go here.

As of writing this article Lauren is knocking on the door of hitting 1 million instagram followers at 960k followers. She is known for her tattoo’s and perfect body. Her real name is Lauren Houldsworth and was born in London England. She has that hot little posh English accent. She is 29 years old and is about to hit 30 year olds and is the Scorpio sign. Enough of this boring shit lets get into the onlyfans.

Right now she is asking for $21 dollars to get access to her account. When you subscribe you get 320 text posts,217 photo’s and 105 videos. Sounds good right? however its not all tits and pussy videos. The majority of the content is model’ish type stuff and promoting other models like here. She is pretty conservative with the content she puts out, which is crazy because she used to do full porn videos on cam streams not that long ago. However she is spending a lot of time trying to get all those videos and cam streams down.

Midna Ash Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing the gamer girl a nude model Midna Ash’s onlyfans and let you guys know what we got when we subscribed to it and what you can expect for putting out the money to become a member. If you guys want to follow her on twitter you can go here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to see her naked you can go here.

Midna Ash is another “gamer girl” gone wild, who plays the twitch streamer gamer thing to sell nudes. She recently picked up working out which she posts a lot about on her twitter account posted above. She is doing tons of squats and her ass is getting crazy thicc. Now that she is selling, actual porn she is taking a lot of attention and putting it into her body. If you love gamer girls this is your next sub.

Iv posted above what she asking for for the month, the prices are a bit steep she is usually asking for around $30 a month but right now she is having a sale and this is what she is offering.

New PPV content featuring exposed pussy with anal play. Content available with subscription: anal play videos, implied nudity photos/gifs/videos. Come watch me indulge myself in anal play with all my fun anal plugs, glass toys, and dildos. Oh and of course the occasional twerking, oil massage, spanking, and more.

Dude her ass is crazy and now she is doing lesbian videos and anal butt plug videos! that is fucking crazy. However all that will be behind the 2nd tier paywall but she did have some crazy good pussy play pictures and stuff when I was subscribed to her. When you get access to her onlyfans timeline after you subscribe you will get access too – 151 photo’s and 57 videos. Not that great and you will be spammed out the ass for premium content in your dm’s.

She is really hot but, id just wait for the leaks. The price she is asking for is trash for what she offers. If i was going to rate it, I would give it a 6/10.

Marie Madore Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

We will be reviewing Marie Madore’s onlyfans, the instagram super thot, with over 1.2 million followers on her instagram! She seems to gain around 20k followers everyday. If you have yet to see her onlyfans you can go here but honestly skip all that and get her onlyfans video leaks here.

Marie, started as a cam girl the tale old as time and then started her instagram that launched her to another level of internet fame. With over 1.2 million followers she is cashing in and moving on to tiktok now, but it looks like tiktok will be getting banned soon so who knows where the thots will go now. Anyway, her cam content was really boring. He talking and sitting on the computer just chatting and sometimes showing her ass or teasing her tits. Nothing to the bois about.

Marie is asking for $10 a month but there is one huge issue with her onlyfans and its in the opening of her bio.

The Queen Of Tease  NO NUDES
just slightly better stuff than IG. Take your chances! 

No nudes, the fuck? why else would I buy this shit for 10 bucks a month? She has 595 posts on her onlyfans timeline so that’s a plus but god damn no nudes? There is a few nude videos of her here. I would suggest checking it out and forget paying 10 bucks a month for a private instgram. The balls on these chicks to think they can ask for that. Fucking crazy dude! I wish I could shake my tiny little dick and get $10 a month from you. Skip this shit, do not pay and block it from your mind. Yeah Marie is hot but at least get a nude or two out of what you’re paying for.


Uniquechanda Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

Hey guy’s this is a not very well known onlyfans model that I am going to review. I know everyone wants the big popular girls but I randomly got suggested this girl on the discord and bought her onlyfans for a homie and thought fuck it, Ill review her. Here is her instagram and if you want leaks of her onlyfans go here.

She is a super cute little brunette, she has a hot little ass and her hair is actually what makes her so fucking cute. If you’re looking for pussy spread and asshole spread videos. Nah man this chick is pretty basic with her content and she rarely if ever posts any videos. If you’re looking to do customs though she does videos for a premium premium. I know lame. I will break down her prices for you guy’s.

$15 a month for the content she is providing is way over priced and honestly, this is more of a pay pig type of model. If you love just spoiling broads and handing over your money so they can spend it on some other dude then this is perfect for you. Girl’s like this should be avoided. I wish I could make an extension for chrome or something that puts a little warning next to there onlyfans url or something. You can go ahead and skip this chick and keep your money in your pocket.

Zoey Luna Bbybratzo Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

This is a review of the super hot teen Zoey Luna aka Bbybratzo onlyfans. Here is her onlyfans links here and her instagram here but if you just want to see her onlyfans video leaks you can go here. This is one of those rare onlyfans you HAVE to subscribe too, at least for a month.

This girl is so fucking hot, I actually came to find her through Kaylen Ward’s onlyfans. They did a threesome video together. Zoey kinda out shined her and I had to subscribe. She does EVERYTHING!!! 100% one of the best onlyfans I have ever sub’d to. I of course do all this research and jerkin my lil cat kawk for the boizzz so you don’t have to waste your money only to get bait and switched on. Anyway she is super tiny perfect little teen straight out of high school. She spends about everyday uploading videos getting fucked. She even posted a video on her period with a tampon in fucking her ass. I don’t really want to see period stuff but dude even when she isn’t getting her pussy fucked she’s fucking her ass!

I know you’re looking at the prices above and kinda like “damn I dunnooooo”. Dude for real its worth it, She posts so much content and does so much stuff its worth it and she fucks other hot friends she has another big porno bitches like Kaylen Ward. I can see this girl doing legit porn soon too. 9/10 onlyfans rating. I suggesting heading over and subscribing ASAP, let her know the cool cat sent you.

Princesshelayna Onlyfans Review – Is it Worth It?

This is a review of the twitch streamer and professional thot Princesshelayna. She is actually more of just a thot and I don’t think she really games or anything, she is more of a full time nude model. Anyway, she moved from patreon and started doing nude videos and basically porn on her onlyfans. Here is her onlyfans link here and her instagram here. If you don’t care about the review and just want to see her nude leaks you can go here (just search her name).

Princesshelayna also goes by the name Helayna Marie, who does a lot of nude modeling and border line porn and is known to be in the gamer girl thot circle like that chick Bree Essrig and doing a ton of nude shoots. Its funny tho this is a quote from her onlyfans.

* I do not make pornographic content I am a nude model / erotic artist.

I have seen videos of her with a butt plug in, that’s not really erotic right? that’s straight porn. I am not complaining I would suck out a little turd out her butt and bong rip her chipotle farts, I just hate how these girls act like they’re so above what they’re actually doing every day for a living.

As much shit as I talk about these thot’s because I am a horny depressed little cat, I want all this shit for free. Yet here I am buying their videos so the homies don’t have to waste money if its trash. I will say she provides great content on her onlyfans, she does pull the bait and switch like the other girls but the content is actually good. The only down side is that it costs a lot!

That’s crazy money for the month! And that price above of $18.75 is a discount of 25%!!! WTFFFF, that’s crazy money. She does do the bait and switch with the premium premium videos in your inbox for 20-50 bucks a video but she does a ton of stuff on her feed. Honestly, if you’re goingt to invest into an onlyfans account. She is one of the better ones to do it. She provides good content has her friends come and get naked with her and she updates all the time.

I would give her a 7/10.

Gracie Waifu Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of the twitch streamer and cosplayer Gracie Waifu. Gracie has a huge following on every platform but mostly on her instagram. Across all of her platforms she has around 2.5 – 3 million followers. We are hear to review and let you guys know what you get from subscribing to her onlyfans and if its worth the buy.

I am sure you’re here because you’re sitting there wondering if you should invest the money to jack off to her onlyfans but don’t want to be scammed if their is no nudes. That is a very common concern as these hoe’s are for the most part all scammers. I subscribed to her onlyfans to answer all these questions for you. Gracie at the very bottom of her onlyfans bio and under the wack ass little copyright paragraph she writes this.

I am completely naked (no clothes or nipple stickers) although do not expect to see open vagina or nipples

So that should tell you everything, by putting that at the bottom and hidden in her bio show’s that she needs to make you think she gets nudes so you subscribe and its not cheap to look at tease pictures and videos.

Gracie is asking $15 dollars a month to get access to her feed of onlyfans videos and pictures. While I was subscribed she did post A LOT! usually at least once maybe more. However, the stuff she posted was really short videos, weird trying to twerk videos and a lot of stuff teasing to show her nipples. There is actually a bunch of the leaks here, just search her name. You will see the peak of what she offers there. All and all, this is not worth the price let alone the content you get. Once you are subscribed for a few days you will want to end your subscription. Just wait for the leaks and make sure if you’re going to simp for these thots, that its worth it.