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Have you not yet heard of Sxyprn is that site you always wanted. Every site promises its Sxyprn but they’re all frauds. has everything you ever wanted and more. Sxyprn rips full fresh new videos from the biggest porn sites on the net. They have full videos from to girlsdoporn. You can find everything and the full video. No more 14 minutes previews only to tease you into buying the whole video. LAME! is built on a torrent exchange type of technology and it looks to scrap videos from a network of people sharing the links. The less popular a video the slower it loads etc.. I am guessing the less seeds there are and the more leechers there are the slower load times are. used to yourporn.sxy but they were bought out by the manwin company. The Company that owns all the big websites and tube sites we all know. The pornhubs, the brazzers etc…

If you havent yet shoot on over to sxyprn and get it look. I promise you it will be your next favorite porn site you tell all the homeless cats about.

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