r/Gonewild Sub-reddit Review

We will be doing a review on the famed sub-reddit r/gonewild, if you’re into hot amateur thots, then you probably know of this sub-reddit but as things are changing online always and the rise of Onlyfans. I thought it would be best to review this amazing “sub” as it stands today. This is straight from there sub-reddit bio.

“A place for open-minded Adult Redditors to show off their nude bodies for fun. The nudity here is 100% free! Don’t advertise here (or use us elsewhere), mention money, votes, followers or anything similar. **PLEASE read our rules before participating. We do not allow sellers/promoters/”content creators” — this includes posts to other subreddits and your profile.**”

Before the rise of Onlyfans, you had a lot of just curious girls posting and being horny little thots. You get tons of girls posting the second they turned 18 and have a lot doing everything you can think about. Showing off their new butt plug or perfect teen pussies all for some up votes. However awesome all of that is there is a downside, the simp side to all of this. These girls post a couple time and get a few thousand up votes and they’re like “Ok I’m starting on onlyfans now”. That’s all fine and everything but the simps now are limiting the content unless the simps pay for it and leak it. The real problem is that, now the sub-reddit is filled with all these girls posting to just promote their onlyfans. It’s actually ruining the sub-reddit as a whole. It was an amazing place to just look at girls and maybe start talking to them. Now its all business. Sad to see it not be as strong as it once was but now just an advertising platform. Don’t get me wrong there is still a bunch of amazing content coming out of there!

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