Pornhub Premium Is It Worth It?

Alright, so I know you’re here wondering if PornHub Premium is worth the buy? Why spend money on porn when everything is basically free? There is a huge difference between clicking on 15 minutes video previews that are cut up and spend 5 of the 15 minutes zooming in on the dudes nuts and the the other 5 on the intro. I know I know you can search by channel on regular pornhub but here is the thing. Everything is there to get you to buy on their main site. That’s PornHub Premium is so awesome. No more getting bated into shitty little sites that make you pay 45$ and change you 99$ every month after that for their half decent content.

With PornHub Premium, not only do you get hella content from all the best sites (they recently removed girlsdoporn. lame) but everything else you want is there to jerk off on the go. If you’re like me. I can jack off everywhere. I honestly cant even think straight if a nut is in the chamber. Instead of loading up a bunch of low quality ad infested sites like and watching some gape porn in 420p quality. You can load up the highest of qualities and nut in the bathroom at the airport and be out in 3 minutes. Shit, load up a couple latina videos. DAMNNNN you’re good as new. Make sure you check your pants tho and make sure their is no nut on your pants. Especially if there is a black light or something at the club or a bar.

I give PornHub Premium a 10/10 only because its nut on the go. Get it, its worth it! now!!!!! HERE