Lewdweb.net Site Review

This is a breif site review of Lewdweb.net which was formally “gone wild”. They have recently made a re-brand so we will be updating links with the correct names on the main site. Anyway lets get right into the review of lewdweb.net

I am not sure why they decided to re-brand as they have a ton of sites and their url has changed a few times. However the new re-brand looks good and they are still adding tons of content. If you want up to date cosplayer nude videos, then lewdweb.net is the site you want to visit daily! These guys updated around 20-30x’s a day. They seem to also ignore all dmca’s, so videos are usually always up! If you go way back in their catalog you will notice the older stuff is taken down but looks like it is server stuff not dmca.

Not only do they focus on cosplayer leaks, they also, like the picture above. Focus a lot on snapchat leaks. They post full snapchat videos and post them a lot. They also take the time to edit them all together. So you don’t have to go video to video. Make sur eyou guys book mark this site and archive the videos if you can in case they go down. The only downside of the site is they have a ton of ads and always switch up their url’s. Take time to visit this awesome site! Never be a simp! Don’t pay these hoes.


  • Great content
  • Updates ALOT!
  • Fast Servers
  • Ignore’s DMCA’s


  • A ton of ad’s