Joselyn Cano Onlyfans – Is it Worth It

this is a creeps overview of Joselyn Cano’s Onlyfans page. We will discus if its worth the monthly subscription fee and if you get anything of worth or is it the typical bait and switch that most if not all these models do. If you don’t know who Joselyn Cano is you can check out her instagram here.

Joselyn Cano is obviously crazy HOT!, her body is perfect, her face is perfect, her hair is perfect. She looks like she smells good. Unlike Lena the plug who looks like she has skid marks in her panties. Anyway, Joselyn is fine as fuck. You can look deeper and find out she has had tons of plastic surgery. I don’t give a fuck, this chick will never fuck me but I am here to masturbate to her. You will usually see other girls or instagram gossip pages pointing all this shit out. I thought hoes “stood together” and feminism and all that??

Joselyn has over 12.1 million followers on instagram! For an instagram thot, that is insaneeee numbers! Usually these girls cap around 700-1.5 million followers. That’s usually all they can grab taking pictures of there ass but Joselyn Cano is so fine, she has gotten 12.1 million. I am not sure how many people are on instagram but dude that is hella followers.

So you’re thinking about subscribing to her onlyfans, but what do you get? You obviously want to know if she getting raw dogged and taking it in the ass and getting jizzed on. She says in the picture above on her bio. “gg,solo,bg,bgg,joi and cock raitings” etc… However,this is basically a lie. I was subscribed to her onlyfans for about 6 months. I never saw any of that. I did however get non-stop inbox notifications to buy lesbian shower videos but that was about it. This is another bate and switch buy a very popular instagram model.

As you can see, she is making crazy money at $9 a month just for the chance to buy her premium content. If you have read my other reviews, you will know this is nothing new. She has a premium snapchat before onlyfans and there is one long video of her teasing playing with pussy with no face in it. That is the most hardcore thing I have seen come out of her premium contents platforms. The lesbian video thing is cool but its just her tits and the girl she is with is the one getting naked and doing the nasty shit. This is through and through a scam, a bait and switch and you need to avoid models like this. I am here for the bois!