Jessie Sims Onlyfans – Is it worth it

We will be reviewing the instagram model onlyfans and if the buy is worth the cost and what you will be getting if you do want to subscribe to her monthly fee. If you haven’t heard of Jessie Sims yet, then you can check out her instagram here. She has over 500k + followers and will probably hit the 1 million number of followers soon. She is also known to drink ALOT. She sells a bunch of her merch here. Most of her merch is basically just china virus masks and shot glasses. You can tell her loves to party just by the content she posts and talks about on her youtube and twitter.

Ok so lets get to the meat of this review and why you’re here. “should I buy Jessie Sims Onlyfans, do I get to see her titties and pussy”. The short answer is no and the longer answer is no. She is basically the ultimate bait and switch with the onlyfans gang. If you look at what she posts and talks about on her social media, you would think she is just a whore who posts all kinds of crazy anal bate videos. Actually, she just posts shitty instagram videos on her onlyfans and she asks an arm and a leg for basic content. She says is premium content but its honestly trash.

She should honestly make her onlyfans free because you get the same thing on her instagram. There are a few leaks of her on Famous Internet Girls . So you can see the most lewd posts she has put up. The reason I write these reviews is basically for girls like her, who take advantage of the homies and basically lie about what they offer, just to cash out and scram. Avoid this chick and her scam at all cost.

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