Emma Glover Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing one of the hottest MILF’s on the instagram Emma Glover. If you don’t know who Emma is you can follow her at her instagram here or if you just want to see her naked you can go here.

Emma is from Essex, England and was born in 1987 and her sign is Gemini. As of right now she has over 700k + followers and will probably hit 1 million followers in the next few months. She has been active in the scene for a long time but has taken it more serious in the last few years. Emma is just naturally beautiful and if you’re looking for a super cute milf then you should really check her out and throw her a follow.

Right now she is having a sale on her onlyfans subscribtion for $5.85. If you do choose to get subscribe to her onlyfans you get 911 photos and 118 videos on her onlyfans timeline. These are some nude videos and photos and mostly the rest is instagram type videos. She has over 500+ posts on her timeline which tells you that she advertises her friends a lot and other onlyfans thots.

The content you get is a lot of big tits and teasing. She has some nude videos but you will have to pay a premium for anything more. I have yet to see her pussy or asshole. If you’re looking for more hardcore type content like masturbation or anal then you should know you want get it with her. Is it worth it? I think so because she is beautiful. 7/10