Jerkmate Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the cam site “Jerkmate“, We have been using Jerkmate for some time and thought it would be time to interview this site and let you guys know what the pro’s and con’s are. I know we usually stick to onlyfans reviews but today we are going to let you know about jerkmate.

Unlike Mfc,chaturbate and the others we all know Jerkmate actually looks like a site not from the 90’s. It runs like a perfect modern updated site with some of the hottest girls in the industry. They have a bunch of the top pornstars, even the new ones that are just coming out ( I have seen a bunch of backroom casting couch on their). Iv seen Katrina Jade and the like on their too.

They also have some of the best branding I have seen. They are trying to be a modern tiktok cam site of sorts, that appeals to everyone and is way easier for the user. Looking at chaturbate makes my head hurt because its so fucking ugly. I don’t even trust it on looks alone for it to take my credit card number. It’s like approaching a junkie in the ally because he has weed and you’re in this weird town but you really just want to get high and chill in your hotel room and so you just buy the weed from him. You should give them a shot and sign up here.

Top Best Hentai Sites

This is a list of the top hentai sites right now in our opinion. We have been looking at hentai for awhile and this is the best way to get free hentai instead of paying or trying to torrent. We wont bore you with a big long intro so lets get into it!

Coming it at number one is , Yeah we know its a regular tube site, however these guys update all the time and put up a ton of full episodes and full hentai’s all the time. Instead of looking for something to torrent because I dont want to buy hentai because I am cheap and poor, I just head over to and get to finding my favorite hentai videos. Check it out and let us know in the comments what you guys think.

Coming in at number two, is Hentai Pro’s , if you havent check them out you need to now or at least bookmark it. These guys have everything and in hd + 4k. They also put up a lot of new artists and some of the best stories. I honestly sometimes get caught up in the stories. The player they use is a little funky but for the content they provide its honestly the best. You can always try and torrent their stuff but head over and check them out and let us know what you think about Hentaipros in the comments.

Coming in at number three we have Hey Hentai another one of those huge library’s of hentai like Hentai Pro’s but with a much better player and way cheaper. However they wont have all the top and best hentai’s like hentai pros offer but you will be still enjoying all the classics and you can share them easy. They also have 4k and hd videos and they look awesome on your phone. They offer thousands of creampie hentai and tentical but seem to slack on other story drivin hentai.

Coming in at number four is this is one of the coolest sites for hentai. Yeah its paid and I don’t make any money off it but they offer interactive games and a bunch of new original hentai videos each week. I think they do 7 new hentai animations a week + a game. They are flash though which is lame but whatever how else are you going to do it I guess? Worth it 100% they also have amazing reviews.

I’am professional nude artist. Free time I spend on viewing different sites with the drawn characters. This is due to my professional activities. This site has become a real discovery for me. Figures for adults have their own characteristics. It was important to see the creation of other artists working in the same area. Inside memberzone I was able to find many interesting and unusual characters from the popular TV shows, which I could not find on any other site around the internet. I like this site. I’ll stay as subscriber for next few monthes. Thanks to the authors.

Coming in at number five, Animated Kink , this is the best hentai site if you’re honestly a little bit sick in the head. They have all the crazy shit from bondage ,lesbian and gangbang and crazy violent hentai. Out of the hentai sites that are paid that I have join this is hands down the best because I am not vanilla about anything. I like it super weird and crazy and the stories match! I actually went out of my way and bought the full video of “Somebody’s Watching Me”! it is seriously so hot!


Who doesn’t like to watch? Don’t we all fantasize about being naughty and seeing something we aren’t supposed to see? Hoping to catch a glimpse of a hidden, dirty moment! Voyeur class is in session, time to be a fly on the wall for the erotic shenanigans of these tramps & vamps in, Somebody’s Watching Me.

Head over to Animated Kink and let me know what you think in the comments!