Birthdefective Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the Twitch streamer turned onlyfans model birthdefective onlyfans page. We subscribed so you don’t have to find out its not the content you were expecting only to get hustled. You can follow her on instagram here or her nude videos here.

If you don’t know Birthdefect is a twitch streamer and she has a ton of tattoo’s and loves to get tattoos. She is pretty cute and loves to game and always has a new hair color. As of writing this she has over 171k followers and has taken that to make a onlyfans.

Right now she is asking for $12 a month to subscribe to her onlyfans. This chick pumps out content, you get 806 photos and 76 videos the second you join her onlyfans. I will say a majority of the pictures and stuff she posts are stupid pictures and videos and game stuff and she seems really annoying to me but whatever everyone is into different shit. Anyway the videos she does post are CRAZY good. She puts the camera right under her dildo while she fucks it and looks like she loves to play with her ass.

This is one of those that is worth it because she cute as fuck. $12 a month is expensive but for 1 month it is worth it especially if you love watching twitch streamer just be sluts. 8/10

Erica Fett Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the instagram model and cosplay Erica Fett’s onlyfans page. We subscribed so you don’t have to be disappointed if its just to hustle her fan base. You can follow her instagram here or you can check out her nude videos here.

Erica is a 32 years old and was boring on August 31’st 1987. Honestly, who cares, she has big tits and super hot and is looking like a sexy milf lately. She was selling nudes on premium snapchat and patreon but like all the other thots has moved to onlyfans is spending most of her time there now.

Right now she has a sale for $6.40 for the month and you get access too 534 photos and 48 videos. Most of these are all non-nude tease and same with the videos. She has a pretty big quote on her onlyfans bio page.

Midwest girl that cosplays, plays videos games and mixes it with nude stuff.
If you like my work, come hang out for a month! You won’t regret it!*I do not shoot explicit content and I’m not a porn star*

She say’s she does not do nude’s by saying she is not a pornstar but she does do topless photo’s. She will not show her pussy or asshole or any masturbation videos. If you’re ok with simping on her and wont ever see her pussy then this is the onlyfans for you. For all of us men we need something more than a girl in a spiderman costume to get off. Is it worth it? no. 4/10

Cynthia Martell Onlyfans Review – Is it worth it?

We will be reviewing the instagram model Cynthia Martell onlyfans page and let you guys know if its worth the buy. We subscribed to it so you don’t have to waste your money to find out if its trash or not. If you want to give her a follow on her instagram you can go here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to see her onlyfans nude video leaks you can go here instead.

As of writing this article Cynthia has over 700k + followers. What is crazy to me about her is that she does not advertise her onlyfans page on her instagram like most girls do. She has all this traffic but does not send any from her instagram over to it. Maybe she is trying to keep everything separate. Who knows.

Welcome to my fun playroom where I post all kinds of forbidden content.
This will be the only place I’ll be posting my hottest pictures, videos, & responding to messages

If you want to get access to her onlyfans time line you are looking at $20 a month just to get the basic access. She does get naked though, she is not the bait and switch type of girl the 99.9% of the onlyfans models we see starting a new onlyfans everyday. Once you hand of your credit card or debit card you will get access to a handful of images only 36 right now. You will also get only 47 videos from the second you subscribe. Pretty ass if you ask me and for $20 a month! that’s really nothing and she barely updates. She will also you charge you a hand and leg to rate your little dick. I know my shit is small and digusting looking so I don’t need some model from LA to tell me.

Should you subscribe to her onlyfans? No, not right now. Wait until she builds up a catalog of content and then subscribe. She is just getting started so I cant knock her too hard. All her videos leak like crazy anyway. 7/10

Midna Ash Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

We will be reviewing the gamer girl a nude model Midna Ash’s onlyfans and let you guys know what we got when we subscribed to it and what you can expect for putting out the money to become a member. If you guys want to follow her on twitter you can go here but if you don’t give a fuck and just want to see her naked you can go here.

Midna Ash is another “gamer girl” gone wild, who plays the twitch streamer gamer thing to sell nudes. She recently picked up working out which she posts a lot about on her twitter account posted above. She is doing tons of squats and her ass is getting crazy thicc. Now that she is selling, actual porn she is taking a lot of attention and putting it into her body. If you love gamer girls this is your next sub.

Iv posted above what she asking for for the month, the prices are a bit steep she is usually asking for around $30 a month but right now she is having a sale and this is what she is offering.

New PPV content featuring exposed pussy with anal play. Content available with subscription: anal play videos, implied nudity photos/gifs/videos. Come watch me indulge myself in anal play with all my fun anal plugs, glass toys, and dildos. Oh and of course the occasional twerking, oil massage, spanking, and more.

Dude her ass is crazy and now she is doing lesbian videos and anal butt plug videos! that is fucking crazy. However all that will be behind the 2nd tier paywall but she did have some crazy good pussy play pictures and stuff when I was subscribed to her. When you get access to her onlyfans timeline after you subscribe you will get access too – 151 photo’s and 57 videos. Not that great and you will be spammed out the ass for premium content in your dm’s.

She is really hot but, id just wait for the leaks. The price she is asking for is trash for what she offers. If i was going to rate it, I would give it a 6/10.

Coconut Kitty Onlyfans Review – Is It Worth It?

This is the review of Coconut Kitty and her onlyfans account and what you will get when you subscribe to pay monthly for access. She was an ex cam thot who gained popularity on her instagram and now has over 1.2 million followers just on her instagram. You can get her leaked onlyfans videos here if you don’t really give a fuck. You can check out her onlyfans here and her instagram here if you want to throw her a follow.

If you’re into skinny red head models with tattoos and a super hot little pussy then you will be into this one. She also does that landing strip thing with her pussy hair and she has ginger pussy hair so its super fucking hot, I dunno man iv always been into gingers they are rare and they just look clean all the time plus if they have poop on their butthole you will be able to see it because they are so pale. I dunno maybe that just me but the first pair of tits I saw in real life were gingers so I think that’s why I like them so much. It’s like how dudes into feet get into feet because they saw their mom rubbing the corns on their feet or something when they were little so now they are into feet and have their girl friend jack there dick off with their feet.

Sorry, I got a bit off topic, so if you’re looking for a super hot babe (not sure of her age) who puts out tons of daily content every day and does hardcore videos like lesbian,pussy bate,cum,feet,anal and tons of pictures then this is a good onlyfans to sub to get a lot of bang for your buck. As of right now she has over 1990 video posts and 2224 photo’s post on her onlyfans time line right now. That is a crazy amount of content posted.

She is asking for $10.99, for what she is putting out everday its not that bad of an asking price and from the videos posted on you can see the content is fire! She doe’s do 2nd tier paywall where she sells her content for a premium cost, I can look beyond that this time because the videos I have jacked off to just posted to her timeline are good and I have coomed multiple times too.

Should you invest in her onlyfans? I honestly don’t write too many positive reviews on these onlyfans girls because most of everything do is a scam or hustle. However, I think Coconut Kitty actually provides a decent service and its only $10.


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